Two locations to serve you!
Madill, OK
Durant, OK

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revIVe IV & Nutritional Therapy is now open Durant, OK!

Injection Services:

Lipo Injection           

Amino Acids for an increased metabolism and fat burning and Vitamins for energy

Lipo + Injection        

In addition to the Lipo Injection, essential minerals for metabolism and liver function.

B12 Boost                 

A readily absorbed B12 for energy

B Optimal                  

An invigorating injection containing a combo of B vitamins for energy, focus.

Headache/Stress Relief      

A combination of B vitamins, Magnesium, & Minerals formulated to reduce pain and stress.

Fibromyalgia Recovery      

A specific blend of minerals and vitamins especially formulated for fibromyalgia pain

Individualized Vitamins & Minerals      

Joint Injections

(Most joint injections will require X-ray or MRI review)

Knee                 Prolotherapy     

Elbow               Prolotherapy      

Wrist                 Prolotherapy      

Foot/Ankle       Prolotherapy      

Hip                    Prolotherapy       


Blood Analysis         

G6PD (Vitamin C)       

Hair Analysis:             

Infusion Menu

(Most IVs run about 45min to an hour)

Liver Detoxification IV           

Metabolic Regeneration        

Immunity Support                  

Youthful Replenish                


Myer’s Cocktail                      

Hydration & Recovery           

Lipo Drip                                

Glutathione Push                  

Vitamin C Push                      

Individualized IVs                 

Lipo Dissolve Procedure:    

Prescriptive cost depends on the area treated and number of injections.

Lipo Plus Quick Loss Program

revIVe’s Lipo Plus Quick Loss is a 30 day program consisting of a comprehensive health analysis by our physician, 4 Lipo Plus Injections in the first week combined with supplements and detoxifying aids to quickly begin the fat metabolism process. The second week consists of two Lipo Injections and one Metabolic Recovery IV, continuing with the supplements and detoxifying aid. The third week consists of three Lipo Injections while continuing with the supplements and detoxifying aids. The last week consists of 3 Lipo Injections and completion of the supplements and detoxifying aids. 

Bundling your injection or IV services can save you time and money. Pre-purchase bundle pricing is available for IVs and Injections.

For your comfort, we have available to you:

  • Relaxing Music
  • Blankets & Pillows
  • Beverages
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Procedure Gowns, Shorts, & Covers
  • Private IV rooms

What to Expect:

On your first visit to revIVe, you will receive a comprehensive health evaluation by our physician, James W. Talley, Jr., DC. Dr. Talley will discuss your options for treatment and devise a simple, easy-to-follow program specific to your needs.

Expect to be in a comfortable, relaxing environment, where you can enjoy the process of meeting your health, wellness, and function goals. Dr. Talley is also a phlebotomist and performs most of the procedures in the clinic. Your comfort and complete understanding the process, tests, and procedures is our goal.